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The Buying Process, From Beginning to End

The following is a quick look at the process of purchasing a property. The information can't cover all the possible aspects of purchasing a property, but it does highlight some of the major issues and milestones along the path. The path can be long, complex and complicated and that is where I can be of assistance as your Realtor. 

The Importance of Preapproval

Getting a loan to purchase your new home is not easy nowadays. Plenty of fully employed people with decent credit scores and savings in the bank are turned down for a mortgage regularly. That's why the first step of the buying process is to contact a qualified lending professional, who will guide you through the steps of qualifying you for a loan. Being preapproved is not only an important part of the process, but an essential one. A preapproval lets you know how much how you can look for and tells the seller you are a serious and qualified buyer.  Besides, you don't want to find your dream home and suffer the pain of losing it because you could not qualify for the loan.

It is very important to understand what amount and type of loan you can qualify for, and make a determination to the maximum price you can, or are willing to, afford. Sometimes a buyer can qualify for much more than they are willing to spend on a monthly payment. Discussing your options with a mortgage professional will address these issues.

Let the Search Begin

Once you have been preapproved, formulate a list of things you want to find in a house, which could include the maximum price you are qualified for (or want) to pay, what part of town you are interested in living, and physical characteristics of the property (size, number of bedrooms, size of the garage, and other things, like the size of the yard and lot and whether or not it has a view or pool). This information will help me create and refine computerized search parameters to locate the right property for you.

Remember, you can conduct the searches yourself, just like an agent, by signing up for my invitation to Search Like An Agent.  It's free and comes with no oblligation.  See the main page for more details.

When you find one or several you want to see in person, I will setup appointments with you and the Showing Services to have a look.  It is possible that as you search for properties and begin to actually see properties in person, your perception of your "dream home" will evolve and adjustments to our search parameters will need to be changed accordingly.

How to Make an Offer to Purchase

When the time comes that you find a home you are interested in purchasing, it's time to make an offer. We will review recent sales comparables ("comps") in the area to determine an approximate market value of the home as guidance to an appropriate value to offer.

Most often, the seller will send over a counter-offer to your offer, which you can counter-offer again if appropriate. I will provide my opinion and recommendation at each step along the way and lead your negotiation process with the seller. Once an agreement is reached and your offer accepted, it's time to open escrow!

Offer Accepted! What's Next?

After Acceptance the lender is notified about the purchase. Typically, earnest money deposit will be delivered to title company, an inspector is contracted to Inspect the property and a series of activity which happens in the background with little need of any action by you.

Crossing the Finish Line

Once you have had the property inspected, removed all contingencies, you will sign your loan documents and attend closing where final deliveries of down payment and buyer costs are completed.

A Final Reminder

Be aware that as the Buyer, my services as your realtor are at no cost to you.  The Seller pays the realtor commission for both the Seller and Buyer agents.